UK travelers Can Enter Spain Freely and Without a Covid Test from May 24th

The United Kingdom and Japan have been added to the list of countries whose residents won’t be subject to coronavirus restrictions when traveling to Spain.

Travelers won’t have to present a negative PCR test on arrival but will still have to complete a “health form”.

Speaking on Friday at the Fitur tourism fair in Madrid, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez confirmed that from Monday, May 24th, travelers from the UK and Japan and the other countries already on the list “will be able to enter in the country without health controls on arrival.”

He added that, from June 7, “tourists from other countries with which there is not complete free movement, among them the United States, will be able to enter Spain provided they have a certificate showing they have received their full [Covid-19] vaccinations.”

The current list of countries with no restrictions on travel to Spain is as follows: Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and China, as well as the territories of Hong Kong and Macao.

PLEASE NOTE: This isn’t legal advice, it’s general guidance. Because the rules change so often and can vary between different towns, regions, and countries. you need to ensure you meet the local requirements.