All of Malaga Province goes to Covid Level 1 today (20TH May) the lowest risk level

The whole of Malaga province will be on coronavirus alert level 1 from this Thursday (20 May). And (BONUS):  Tarifa and the Costa de la Luz.


This is fantastic news for us all as it means we have the very lightest of restrictions. Now we can really enjoy the summer season.


Level 1 is the lowest level of coronavirus and it’s a remarkable achievement. Malaga is the only province in Andalucía that is completely at level 1, with a 14 day infection rate of under 50 people in every 100,000.


Non-essential business can reopen and, most importantly, there are no restrictions on beaches and swimming pools, as long as the social distancing between groups can be maintained.


Here’s a useful celebration covid infographic from the Junta de Andalucia:


Covid measures after The State of Alert  – Malaga Province from 13th May 2021


75% capacity and 300 people (8 per table) inside
100% capacity and 500 people (10 per table) outside
Sitting at the bar
Musical performance
Dancing only outside
Close at 02:00


75% capacity and up to 8 clients per table inside
100% capacity and 10 clients per table outside
Sitting at the bar
1,5 m separation
Close at 24:00


With seats: 75% capacity
Without seats: 2/3 capacity if 1,5 m separation, or 1/3 if not

Cinema, theatre and circus

85% capacity with one separate seat between and people sitting
Groups of 6 people
Sanitary authorization for events with more than 400 spectators indoors and 800 outdoors

Bullfighting events

60% capacity and one separate seat
Groups of 6 people


100% capacity in common areas outside the hotel and 75% inside
Groups of 25 people with tour guide,  30 if it is in the coutryside


85% capacity in academies, with up to 25 people per classroom


75% capacity and up to 20 people inside and 85% capacity and 25 people outside
1,5 m separation
Public competitions: 1500 people inside and 2500 outside


100% capacity and 1,5 m separation

Street Markets

100% capacity

Public transport

100% seats and 75% standing

Children’s leisure time

50% capacity inside and 60% outside, with groups of 20 children
It is recommended to maintain the bubbles of school life.

Children’s parks

One person per every 4m2
Groups of 25 people


Maximum 20 people indoors, 30 outdoors and 50 in entourage

Ceremonies and cults

75% capacity and 1,5 m separation


Not recommended

And always wear a face mask except children under 6!

PLEASE NOTE: This isn’t legal advice, it’s general guidance. Because the rules change so often and can vary between different towns, regions, and countries. you need to ensure you meet the local requirements.