Coronavirus cases in Malaga and the Costa Del Sol

The New Covid (Coronavirus) Rules in Malaga Province

Covid (Coronavirus) is still a threat, but Malaga province now has a low overall rate of just 134 infections per 100,000 people (at 18th May 2021)

This means all our towns are medium risk which is fantastic news.

  • Low, Level 1: 14-day Infection rate less than 50 per 100K
  • Medium, Level 2: 14-day Infection rate less than 150 per 100K
  • High, Level 3: with 14-day Infection rate less than 250 per 100K
  • Extreme, Level 4: 14-day Infection rate greater than 250 per 100K


Now that the Covid (Coronavirus) state of alarm in Spain is over, each province can make its own decisions

The Covid state of alarm ended on 9th May 2021, so these are the main new rules for Malaga province:

There is no curfew and no restrictions on meetings. Wearing face masks is still mandatory.

Andalucía and its eight provincial borders are now open to travelers.

Bars/cafés/restaurants can open until midnight, with up to 8 customers at indoor tables and 10 customers at outside tables.

Pubs (bars with a music licence) can open to 2.00, with up to 8 customers at indoor tables and 10 customers at outside tables.

Nightclubs can open and you can dance outside with a facemask.

At concerts, cinemas, theatres, and bullfights, empty seats must be kept between groups.

On beaches and at swimming pools there are no general time restrictions.  Groups must keep a social distance of 1.5m apart .

Town halls may issue special rules as they did in the summer of 2020.

At celebrations, up to 300 people are allowed inside, and up to 500 people outside. 8 people can be seated at indoor tables and 10 at outside tables.

You can find the specific coronavirus rules and regulations with this map

Check the rules for any setting or event using this interactive covid map produced by the Junta de Andalucia. You can choose the town you want to check and the specific regulations are shown on the left-hand side.

Malaga Interactive Map of Coronavirus RestrictionsIt’s a little hard to use if you don’t speak Spanish but with a little help from Google translate you’ll figure it out

PLEASE NOTE: This isn’t legal advice, it’s general guidance. Because the rules change so often and can vary between different towns, regions, and countries. you need to ensure you meet the local requirements.

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