Digital Nomad in Malaga

Digital Nomads Dream of Living in Malaga and the Costa Del Sol

Digital Nomads and anyone else who wants to work from home have made Malaga one of Europe’s most popular destinations.

It’s famous for its bright, sunny days, laid-back lifestyle, and hot, hot nightlife. Marbella, one of the World’s most glamorous destinations is just 50 minutes away.

The cost of living is pretty low for Europe and it’s a 24 x 7 society. You can work whenever you want and still find the streets buzzing when it’s time to chill out and enjoy yourself.

Travel is important to any digital nomad and you won’t be disappointed

There are four international airports within easy reach: Malaga, Gibraltar, Jerez, and Granada. It’s easy to find cheap flights to almost anywhere in the World.

Morocco is an hour away by Ferry and Ryanair regularly offers €10 flights from Jerez to Marrakech.

Bus and train services are modern, efficient, and affordable.

Digital nomad happiness guaranteed

1GB fibre internet and 4G available almost everywhere with 5G rapidly being rolled out by all the carriers.

People of all ages and nationalities live here. Whether they’re working for tech startups, temping as club reps, or escaping from northern Europe’s cold, grey weather.

Malaga has a young and modern university, with more than 40,000 students including 6,000 foreign students. The Malaga Techpark is home to 620 High tech companies and over 20,000 Young and ambitious people from around the World.

English is spoken everywhere and it’s a great place to learn Spanish, the second most spoken language in the World. It’s pretty easy for English speakers to learn and perfect for when you move on to Mexico, South America, or California.

The weather is amazing with 320 days of sunshine every year and even in January the temperature rarely drops below 13°C.

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