Malaga Airport Covid Testing

Coronavirus PCR Testing at Malaga Airport for Under €59

Coronavirus testing at Malaga airport is quick, convenient and extremely cheap at just €58.62 for a PCR test.

That’s a great deal when you consider that the typical price of a coronavirus PCR test in Spain is €160-€240.

You Can Take 3 Types Of Covid Test At The Airport.


PCR tests cost €58.62.

This is the most accurate and widely accepted test and tells you whether or not you have covid. You’ll get your results in 12 hours.

Rapid Antigen tests cost €24.45.

This test tells you if you are carrying the covid virus, it doesn’t tell you whether or not you have coronavirus. You’ll get your results in 15-20 minutes.

Antibody tests cost €29.34.

This test tells you if you have had Covid-19 in the past. It’s not really that relevant for travel. You’ll get your results in 15-20 minutes.

If You’re Going To The UK You Need to Take The PCR Coronavirus Test


The rapid antigen test has ≥97% specificity and ≥80% sensitivity so it won’t be accepted for traveling to the UK which requires tests with more than 99.4% specificity and 93.3% sensitivity.

The test center is in terminal 2 at Malaga airport and it’s open 7 days a week

Monday to Friday:           07:30 a.m to 19:30 p.m
Saturday to Sunday         08:00 a.m to 18:00 p.m

The 12 hour promise for PCR test results only covers the test centres opening hours.

So if you took your test at 08:00 in the morning you’d get your results the same day, but if you were tested at 13:00 you wouldn’t get them until the next day.

You need to book your test online here. Make sure your flight’s date and departure time are less than 72 hours from your test date and time.

If you can’t make the test date you can reschedule it but you can’t cancel it. Booked tests are valid until 31 December 2021.

When You Get To The Airport Go To The Travel COVID Test Centre in Terminal T2


To access the terminal, you’ll need to show your test booking receipt, your boarding pass and/or flight reservation, as well as your Passport or ID document. You’ll only be able to access your terminal 72 hours before your flight.

Malaga Airport covid test centre location

And don’t forget not to eat, drink, smoke or brush your teeth within 1 hour of your test.

You’ll get your results by email or you can download them here. You won’t be allowed to wait in the test centre for your results and if you’ve taken the PCR test you should wait at home or in your hotel room.


PLEASE NOTE: This isn’t legal advice, it’s general guidance. Because the rules change so often and can vary between different towns, regions, and countries. you need to ensure you meet the local requirements.

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